Tsukiji Market (築地市場)

Unfortunately the Tsukiji fish market is not open on Sunday morning, so I never had the opportunity to visit it. These photos are courtesy of my brother. Despite it not being able to open when I go, fresh fish is to be had there every day!

Additionally, due to the misconduct of public visitors to the auction, they are trying to make the auction closed. For those who wish to visit the auction, please respect the workers and do not use flash photography or get in their way.

AUCTION – Each morning (except sunday and holidays), fishermen display their catch and the tuna are auctioned to the highest bidder. It is open to the public, but they are warned to not use flash photography while the auction is taking place.

TRANSPORTING TUNA – Hundreds, if not thousands of tuna fishes are transported around the warehouse from the suppliers to the restaurants and markets

INSPECTION – An individual going through the lot of recently purchased tuna

FISH PREP – Some of the butchers are preparing the blue tail tuna for the restaurants, markets and chefs

SUSHI – Some sushi grade tuna prepared for sushi and sashimi consumption

TAKO – The fish market also sells all types of marine life. This is a crate of fresh octopus


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