Since I am trying to develop my ability to select photos that contains a story, I am going to limit how much I write here. The only description that will be seen here will be short memorable stories or traveling tips throughout the region. So until I get to recent photos, there’s going to be lacking a lot of text here =)

MEMORIAL PARK – Dedicated to the memories of all the victims of the first nuclear attack in a populated city. Thousands of hand folded cranes can be seen throughout the park.

A-BOMB DOME – The sole building that was not leveled during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6 1945. It was directly below the bomb when it detonated but due to the vertical columns and the top dome, it was able to sustain the blast.

HIROSHIMA-JO – Was originally constructed in the 1590s, but was destroyed in 1945. It was replicated like the original, and serves as a museum for pre-WW2 history and culture

HIROSHIMA-JO – Also known as the Carp Castle for the distinctive carps that decorate the top

TORII GATE – The entrance to one of the shrines at dusk.


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