This is by far one of my most favorite place to go to in Japan. Nara is another major tourist site that is filled with culture. The city’s main attraction is the Nara park. You can’t really miss it, since it’s a straight line from the JR train station.

The park is wonderful for kids and adult-sized kids. Some odd thousand of sika deers freely roam around the park. There are food trucks that provide deer biscuits for 100 yen. The best part of this is that the deers have learned to bow before taking the food! It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Just be careful that you actually feed the deers. I have seen some kids who tried to play keep-away and ended up getting a few head-butts by the deers.

The center of the park also has the Todai-ji. A large wooden temple that houses the world’s largest bronze statue of Buddha Vairocana. It is quite common to see elementary school students visiting on school trips.

TODAI-JI (東大寺) – The great Buddhist temple complex located in Nara

DAIBUTSU (大仏) – The world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana

NARA – Thousands of ski deer freely roam around the Nara Park grounds. They have been to domesticated that they bow when you give them food

NARA PARK – A shop owner takes looks over a family of deers in his backyard

BAMBI – A row of deers line up for lunch


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