It’s been a while I’ve updated this site. I figured it was time to get back to continue organizing my photos since I plan am traveling again (yay!). So this is I suppose a very brief encapsulation of Kyoto.

I traveled there twice, once on a trip during OBon, the summer week-long holiday in Japan, and once again when my family visited after my internship. It is definitely a place that needs to be visited when you travel to Japan; it was the capital city before Tokyo so it is relatively built up. It is also a very beautiful city; it was surprising to see (before coming to europe) a city that had a beautiful collision between modern world and traditional world.

Part of the city is still maintained with the wooden building structure, whereas the more modern areas are filled with glass and intricate building structures. Even on the streets it is common to see the traditional Geishas wearing the Kimono and white face makeup. The city is filled with culture and it is easy to spend a few days here. With it’s close proximity to Nara, and Osaka, it is also possible to base out here or in Osaka and make multiple day trips to and fro.

KYOTO (京都) – The old capital of Japan and one of the most beautiful city in the country. It has a nice collision of modern and traditional world.

LITTLE STATUES – Hundreds of little statues adorn a toque and scarves

TEMPLE WISHES – Patrons write down their wish on a wooden board and leave it in the temple

MEMORIAL LANTERNS – Hundreds of lanterns line the path from the Kinkaku-Ji

CLEANSING WATER – Water in front of the temple that lets patrons to wash their hands and mouth before entering

FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA – Thousands of tore gates line the path up the mountain and to the inner shrine

KINKAKU-JI (金閣寺) – The golden temple is a Zen Buddhist temple that is one of the most visited temple in Kyoto. It is the ideal example of classical age Japanese garden design.

KIYOMIZU DERA (音羽山清水寺) – A UNESCO world heritage site in eastern Kyoto. It is a large wooden temple complex that overlooks modern Kyoto. There is a waterfall just below the temple that is said to have wish-granting powers


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