Tokyo Game Show

There are really only three things that attracts the general public to the Tokyo Game Show. Of course there is the show room for all the new and upcoming games. They have hundreds of booths that shows of their new games or new technology. Many of them are open for the public to play and test out.

The second factor that brings in more people are the show models. As holding with Japanese and korean traditions, there are numerous models wearing revealing clothing to attract people to their sponsoring booth. The bigger the company, the more models they hire. And finally, the third factor is the number of cosplayers. I went to the Toronto’s sci-fi/anime exhibition that holds an annual cosplay competition, and I have to say that the cosplay in Japan is on another level. Most costumes seems to be custom made, and highly detailed.

TOKYO GAMESHOW – Sony shows of their new mascot; slackboy. Although it is old news now, but this was at the gameshow a year before it was released.

FF7 – Two people dressed up as Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children. The level of cosplay was remarkable.

E. HONDA – A devote cosplayer. He fits the figure of the sumo wrester, E. Honda of street fighter quite well, I thought.

COSPLAY GREETER – Numerous greeters were dressed up as an anime or game character. They’re always happy to pose for anyone wanting to take photos.

SHOW FLOOR MODELS – All the models line up at the end of the evening for a final photoshoot. Just about all the photographers come and line up to take shots.

AKIBA – The electronics district of Tokyo. It has every electronic gadget you could possible imagine. A nice place to check out after the gameshow.


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