Climbing Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji (富士山) is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. It is an active volcano located on the Honshu Island, about 100km south-west of Tokyo. Every year, hundred of thousands of people climb Mt. Fuji, with the peak between July and August. Buses take climbers to Kawaguchiko 5th station at 2300m above sea level. From there, climbers head to the top, which is another 1,400m away.

VOLCANIC CLIMB – With Mt. Fuji still being an active volcano, there is little vegetation among the hiking trail; it is all jagged volcanic rock.

SEA OF CLOUDS – Hiking to the top can bring climbers above the cloud-line, giving an amazing view.

STATION BRANDER – A brander sits at each station to brand each climber’s walking stick, for a small fee of course (200円)

NIGHT CLIMB – Thousands of climbers rough it through the night, hoping they can reach the peak before sunrise.

SUNRISE – Successful climbers line up along the edge of the mountain to take in the first light of dawn.

THE DESCENT – Dozens of signs line the path leading down the volcano to remind the hikers of falling rocks


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